About Peecock

Peecock, a Hand Knitting Yarn collection by HP Threads, has made knitting a sheer pleasure. These yarns are rich in luster, softness, and firmness and are the preferred choice of knitters to create elegant garments and fashionable accessories.

It's little wonder that these yarns have been knitting magic for customers, time and again, in every part of the world.

These fine-quality yarns are produced in a flexible mill, which helps us create custom-made yarns for any and every kind of need. We offer a wide range of yarns, weights, textures and colors, with a specialization in 100% Cotton knitting yarns. Completing the picture are cotton-acrylic, cotton-viscose, cotton-metallic and other cotton-based blends.

It's said that behind every smile, there are innumerable muscles at work. In the same way, HP Threads' stringent quality norms ensure that the finest fibers and the best twisting techniques are used, to create the most elegant anti-pilling yarns.

The Peecock range of products are available in the color, put-up and packagings options listed on the right.

The Peecock range of yarns is classified into 5 categories.