HP Threads is known for its high-quality products. We believe Quality and Perfection is a direction, and not a destination in itself. In line with this, there is a strong emphasis on quality assurance. It begins right from sourcing of the raw material and continues till the finished product is packed and dispatched out of factory, across various stages of production.

The company has an in-house quality control lab, and an in-house color lab, both of which conform to the highest international standards. Various tests are carried out on the raw material and finished products, to ensure they meet the most stringent and rigorous quality control standards.

Our efforts are not only to maintain the quality standards, but are focused on continuous improvement. Towards this end, the company has invested significantly in the latest quality control equipment that can measure various yarn parameters like count, strength, elongation, evenness, twist, coefficient of variation, objectionable faults, yarn appearance etc.

At the plant, there are various tests conducted at different stages of production to check any deviations from our stringent quality control standards. This ensures better sewability or knittability of our products, and minimum coefficient of friction of the yarn, to give the best results possible.

The entire process is automated, using a computer controlled autoleveler system to maintain uniform linear density of product, and the yarns are wound on auto-coners to give well spliced, and electronically cleared - defect free yarn.

At our chemical laboratory, we ensure prefect color matching, fastness of washing, softer feel, luster and all other necessary traits of a fine yarn. Our highly qualified technicians ensure that we are continuously innovating and creating newer product lines for the future.